Our History

Our History

TSBG Hosting Ltd. (TSBG) was founded in 2006 and is registered in the Commercial register of Bulgaria. The company started its activities providing “Turn Key” solutions in design, installation and operation of collocation facilities and datacenters. Our first datacenter was completed by September 2006 and is operational ever after.

The company completed its second "turn-key" colocation facility project, which was operational by July 2007. The first customer installed several equipment racks in September the same year.

We have completed our third datacenter which is acting as a disaster recovery site. First equipment was installed there in July 2008. Fourth datacenter was completed by October 2008. 

We started working on many fiber infrastructure projects and continue working on development of our datacenter infrastructure.

Since 2014 TSBG hosting Ltd. focused exclusively on provision of electronic communication services-collocation, hosting, server rental, managed services. Our mission is delivering newest telecommunication technologies and services at an affordable price. TSBG Hosting Ltd. attracted several new customers, providing value added services on the top of colocation. Current management stepped in and got full control on the company.

TSBG Hosting Ltd. made several improvements on its infrastructure.


We own and operate several carrier-neutral colocation and datacentre facilities, located in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our data center buildings are specially designed and constructed to provide high protection and redundancy for all our client's equipment. Geografically spread, they are located more than 150 km one from another in a zones, where the risk of natural disasters, traffic accidents or human acts is minimal. We have considered the risk of flooding, forest/field fires, earth quakes/earth slidings, storms, human activities. That means there are no dams, big rivers, densely populated areas, airports, potentially dangerous factories or power plants, highways, railways or heavy traffic roads located in close proximity. The computer room is located far from publicly accessible zones and no major systems are located under the ground.

Fibre routes and service providers networks are also carefully selected and evaluated.

All risks are asessed and treated in detailed Risk Assesment chart, Operation Instructions, Disaster recovery plan and Business continuity plan.

All sites are designed and constructed to comply with TIA 942-Telecommunications infrastructure standard for data centers and other applicable international and local standards and best practices.

Our Team

Ivan Shishkov

Ivan Shishkov

Managing Director

Veselin Nikolov

Veselin Nikolov

Manager IT Center

Victoria Shishkova

Victoria Shishkova

Administration and Marketing

Our Core Values

We are not the biggest datacenter operator neither our sites are the biggest and most powerful ones.  We don't have megawatts of power and Tbits/s Internet capacity. But we guarantee that you will get what you need and when you need it. And we guarantee that it will never stop. We promise you no bad surprises. We know and understand your needs, but we are not afraid to be flexible and customize our solutions in order to fit your needs in the best possible way.  We have a small, but efficient team, highly skilled and very well trained to ensure that operation will go smooth and all customer needs will be satisfied. With carefully selected partners we can ensure that our sites will get what is needed on time, any maintenance will be carried on when needed and security and safety will stay on unprecedented level. 

Our vision

Our vision

We know that nothing is more important than our customers. Serving in the best possible way, answering all their needs, providing excellent service, listening to their feedback and solving all problems together. We understand how important our customers are for developing our great platform, having challenges at work and last, but not least for our financial stability and independence. Thank you all for being our customers. Thank you for the trust and recognition.  

Our customers

Our customers

Nothing is possible without our great staff. We value our employees. By continuously improving their education, knowledge and competences, we answer ever increasing demand for high quality services, technological improvements and cost reduction. And yes, we can say that our people are our most valuable asset.

Our staff

Our staff

About TSBG Hosting Ltd.

TSBG Hosting Ltd. (TSBG) was founded in 2006 and is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

EU VAT tax number: BG175059953

Managing Director: Ivan Shishkov





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Address: 8, Racho Dimchev str.

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 886 151048

Viber: +359 886 151048

Email: sales@tsbg.eu

Website: www.tsbg.eu

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