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  TIA-942 Compliant

  Carefully selected location

We own and operate several carrier-neutral colocation and datacentre facilities. If you need to put your own equipment in a secured and conditioned environemnt and to ensure continious operation with uninterrupted power supply and Internet connectivity we can offer you everything from single rack unit to private rooms.

All sites are designed and constructed to comply with Tier 3 in accordance with TIA 942-Telecommunications infrastructure standard for data centers and other applicable standards.


Dedicated Servers

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This section is provided for those who need dedicated server resourc. Renting preconfigured hardware help organisations reduce capex, at very acceptable oerating cost and with short delivery time. By comparing different customer needs our engineers created most comprehensive selection of server configuration plans. We can ensure that every plan from our offering fetures highest hardware availability and Internet connectivity.


Virtual Servers (VPS)

  Based on ProxMox "Bare Metal" hypervisor

  fully redundant network and power supply server hosts

  Disk Space protected in RAID10 configuration

Virtual Servers also known as VPS (Virtual Private Server) provide more flexible and cost-effective approach to your need. Every VPS can be scaled so you will pay only for the actual used resources without the need to rent a fully dedicated server. 


Online Streaming

  Redundant Content Delivery

  Dedicated bandwidth

Contact us to discuss all aspects of your demand and the most appropriate technical solution. We can provide appropriate and redundant delivery of your content via satellite, terrestrial or local storage. We can arrange dedicated or shared antenna system, placed on our antenna field. We will receive the RF signal and supply it to your transcoding server or other equipment. Or let us create an IP stream suitable to be broadcasted in the Internet. All you have to do is just request the service and we will deliver.



Carrier Neutral Datacenters


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Solutions That Grow With You

Build Your Cloud Infrastructure

for Your Business

If you need a complex solution for your business, comprising colocation space in diversed datacenter locations, dedicated Internet access, IPv4 addresses, VPS or bare metal servers, DC power supply, satellite downlink system, antenna field etc., please contact us.

Power Cloud Computing


Internet Access


Physical Security


Dedicated IP 12

Data Analysis

Racks and Footprints


Air Conditioning


Power Supply


Securely Order Your Colocation

Single Rack Unit
13,20 / Per Month

Secured Rittal Cabinet

35W of AC or DC power

Internet Access and IPv4

Free Installation

Free "Remote hands"

1/4 Rack
132 / Per Month

Secured Rittal Cabinet

350 W of AC or DC Power

Internet Access and IPv4

Free Installation

Free "Remote Hands"

Half Rack
284 / Per Month

Secured Rittal Cabinet

750 W of AC or DC Power

Internet Access and IPv4

Free Installation

Free "Remote Hands"

Full Rack
462 / Per Month

Rittal Or Customer Cabinet

1500 W of AC or DC Power

Internet Access and IPv4

Free Installation

Free "Remote Hands"

Cloud Servers Offer Great Benefits

  • High-Performance Technology

    We offer fully redundant hardware with two power supplies, disks in RAID 1 / RAID 10 and hardware RAID controller, two network controllers, connected to different TOR switches.

  • Robust And Fast Network

    All plans come with 5 IPv4 included, 1 Gbit/s port and shared Internet with 99,999% availability. TSBG runs own autonomous system (AS) and BGP sessions to Internet providers who are international class carriers.

  • Guaranteed Power Supply

    We provide fully redundant power supply from 2 fully diverse circuits (A+B) with guaranteed 100% SLA. Environmental conditions in the computer room are constantly monitored and kept within predefined limits. 

  • Installation and Maintenance

    Free installation and basic configuration of OS. Server monitoring with our advanced monitoring system. 24 x 7 helpdesk support and free "remote hands" for hardware replacement.

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Our Core Values

We are not the biggest datacenter operator neither our sites are the biggest and most powerful ones.  We don't have megawatts of power and Tbits/s Internet capacity. But we guarantee that you will get what you need and when you need it. And we guarantee that it will never stop. We promise you no bad surprises. We know and understand your needs, but we are not afraid to be flexible and customize our solutions in order to fit your needs in the best possible way.  We have a small, but efficient team, highly skilled and very well trained to ensure that operation will go smooth and all customer needs will be satisfied. With carefully selected partners we can ensure that our sites will get what is needed on time, any maintenance will be carried on when needed and security and safety will stay on unprecedented level. 

Our Vision

Our Vision

We know that nothing is more important than our customers. Serving in the best possible way, answering all their needs, providing excellent service, listening to their feedback and solving all problems together. We understand how important our customers are for developing our great platform, having challenges at work and last, but not least for our financial stability and independence. Thank you all for being our customers. Thank you for the trust and recognition.  

Our Customers

Our Customers

Nothing is possible without our great staff. We value our employees. By continuously improving their education, knowledge and competences, we answer ever increasing demand for high quality services, technological improvements and cost reduction. And yes, we can say that our people are our most valuable asset.

Our Staff

Our Staff

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Our Team

Ivan Shishkov

Ivan Shishkov

Managing Director

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Victoria Shishkova

Administration and Marketing

About TSBG Hosting Ltd.

TSBG Hosting Ltd. (TSBG) was founded in 2006 and is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

EU VAT tax number: BG175059953

Managing Director: Ivan Shishkov





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