Datacenter Air Conditioning (AC) systems, together with power supply systems are key for proper operation and have substential environmental impact - both due to extensive power consumption and pollution effects of refrigerant agent gases.

Failure or malfunction of the cooling system and increase of temperature may cause equipment shutdown, have negative impact on the equipment lifecycle (e.g. the life of UPS baterries will be reduced when operation at higher temperatures) and ulimately may cause a fire.

To ensure smooth operation the AC system is designed in redundant N+1 or N+M configuration. Power supply of the units is done from different power supply systems. Piping between indoor and outdoor units is done via diverse paths.

Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) is the key parameter, showing efficiency of the AC system. That parameter express cooling power to total power ratio. In order to acheive good PUE a modern and efficient AC system is required together with detailed temperature monitoring inside each rack/cabinet. More about monitoring system can be read in our blog.

Good and regular maintenance will ensure smooth and long-term operation. More about AC system maintenance can be found here.

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