Company policy

Company policy

The quality of our company’s services is a function of all topics that determine our customers’ satisfaction our customers with our work. According to us, quality means commitment to our partners, employees, society and the environment.

TSBG team determines and reaches extremely high goals related to sustainable development of the company, achieving high production efficiency and data protection.

Our mission is to develop and provide a turn-key service to our customers, establishing high standards of customer service and technical performance. By fully satisfying our clients’ requirements for quality and safety of the provided services and proving worthy of their trust, we progress towards becoming a major partner in our field. 

Our policy in regard to information security ensures that information assets of the company and those of our clients are protected from loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability with respect to the applicable laws of Bulgaria and the European Union.

The purpose of this Policy is to protect the information assets of the company from all threats - internal and external, targeted or random, and to ensure business continuity and minimize business damage in case of breaches in information security. We carry out appropriate risk assessment periodically in order to achieve the objectives of this Policy.

Telecom Service Bulgaria was established in 2007 and at this point we are the preferred partner for large and stable companies with high quality standards. This gives us a reason to believe we have reached a very good level of development while the implementation of QMS will assist the improvement of all processes in the company to achieve our strategic goals, increasing the satisfaction of our customers and the conquest of new market segments.

The company management recognizes the following essential factors in achieving our strategic goals: Full compliance with national and international legislation; implementation of an effective environment management system, consistent with the recognized responsibility to protect the environment, prevent pollution and conserve natural resources; providing safety of personnel and third parties; guaranteed information security; fair partnership with customers and suppliers, great care for consumers and maintaining effective communication; full commitment of our employees with the objectives of the quality policy.

The company management is responsible for disclosure, clarifying and implementing the Company policy for the implementation of strategic, functional and operational goals and for undertaking all necessary steps to achieve them within the set timeframe.

We are committed to perpetually develop and improve our performance through progress of technology, qualification and quality, and through regular review and update of the policy of Telecom Service Bulgaria.


Dated: October 01st2012


Milko Manev     

Managing director